The Loe

The Lizard

A mile south of Helston is Loe Pool, Cornwall’s largest freshwater lake, said by some to be the resting place of King Arthur’s magical blade, Excalibur. It's cut off from the sea by the treacherous sandbank of Loe Bar – scene of many a shipwreck down the centuries. Walking trails wind their way around the lakeshore and the surrounding Penrose Estate, but swimming is dangerous due to unpredictable rip currents.

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1. Porthleven Harbour

1.41 MILES

Porthleven's sturdy, double-walled harbour is crowned by two cannons recovered from the wreck of HMS Anson, which foundered on Loe Bar in 1807. This…

2. Flambards

2.19 MILES

Just outside town is Flambards, Cornwall's oldest theme park. Attractions include the wartime-themed Britain in the Blitz, an aviation gallery and a…

3. Helston Folk Museum

2.27 MILES

There's plenty of background on the Furry Dance at the town's quirky museum, where the displays include replica shopfronts, a 5-tonne cider press and a…

4. Dollar Cove

2.49 MILES

This small cove, known in Cornish as Jangye-ryn (the name used on Ordnance Survey maps), is associated with some intriguing local legends. In 1785 the…

5. Church Cove

2.55 MILES

This golden sandy cove would be worth a visit in its own right, but doubly so thanks to its peculiar landmark – the tiny 15th-century Church of St…

6. Poldhu Cove

2.92 MILES

A west-facing beach bordered by gently sloping fields, this is a family-friendly stretch of sand that's easily reached from Mullion, which means you won't…

7. Bonython

3.57 MILES

A little-known but luxuriant private garden, created over the last 20 years by Sue and Richard Nathan. It covers 20 acres in all, divided into various…

8. Rinsey Beach


This rocky cove is a little off the beaten track, which means it's often fairly quiet, even in the heat of summer. Various mine-workings line the cliffs,…