Mullion Cove

The Lizard

Mullion's tiny fishing fleet operates out of this tiny harbour, a very Cornish cluster of boats, slipway and slate-topped cottages. There's precious little sand, but it's a good place for dangling your toes over the quayside.

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1. Polurrian Cove

0.51 MILES

This small wedge of southwest-facing sand is easily reached from Mullion's village centre, which makes it a popular spot in summer. It makes a good…

2. Poldhu Cove

1.29 MILES

A west-facing beach bordered by gently sloping fields, this is a family-friendly stretch of sand that's easily reached from Mullion, which means you won't…

3. Church Cove

1.63 MILES

This golden sandy cove would be worth a visit in its own right, but doubly so thanks to its peculiar landmark – the tiny 15th-century Church of St…

4. Dollar Cove

1.68 MILES

This small cove, known in Cornish as Jangye-ryn (the name used on Ordnance Survey maps), is associated with some intriguing local legends. In 1785 the…

5. Predannack Wollas

2.72 MILES

Mullion's beaches are inevitably busy in summer, so if you're after a bit of solitude then you're best off hiking south along the coast path from Mullion…

6. Bonython

2.87 MILES

A little-known but luxuriant private garden, created over the last 20 years by Sue and Richard Nathan. It covers 20 acres in all, divided into various…

7. Kynance Cove

3.33 MILES

A mile north of Lizard Point, this National Trust–owned inlet is an absolute showstopper, studded with craggy offshore islands rising out of searingly…

8. Cadgwith

4.03 MILES

This titchy village is truly a postcard come to life. With its idyllic huddle of thatched houses and fisher’s cottages, set at the foot of a lung…