The Lizard

This titchy village is truly a postcard come to life. With its idyllic huddle of thatched houses and fisher’s cottages, set at the foot of a lung-bustingly steep hill, it's many people's ideal picture of what a Cornish fishing village should look like. But it's not just for show: fishing boats still run out from the cove in pursuit of local crabs and lobsters, and you’ll see their pots piled up beside the village beach.

There's a car park halfway down the hill, but spaces are limited, so it's best to arrive early. Whatever you do, don't head on blindly into the village in search of a space – there aren't any, and you'll probably end up scraping the side of your car on the fiendishly narrow lanes.

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1. Devil's Frying Pan

0.14 MILES

Up on the cliffs above Cadgwith, a collapsed blowhole plunges 60m straight down into the broiling sea. It gets its devilish name from the way it spits out…

2. Housel Bay

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A minuscule scrap of sand and boulders edged by tall cliffs, this tiny cove makes for a pretty picture – and if you're a confident swimmer, the submerged…

3. Lizard Lighthouse Heritage Centre

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Rising above Lizard Point, the whitewashed lighthouse was built in 1751 and has protected ships from the treacherous rocks ever since. Although it's now…

4. Lizard Point

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Trekking out to Lizard Point is a fine way to while away an hour or two. A trail leads here from the village, past the lighthouse to the point itself,…

5. Kynance Cove

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A mile north of Lizard Point, this National Trust–owned inlet is an absolute showstopper, studded with craggy offshore islands rising out of searingly…

6. Predannack Wollas

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Mullion's beaches are inevitably busy in summer, so if you're after a bit of solitude then you're best off hiking south along the coast path from Mullion…

7. Mullion Cove

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Mullion's tiny fishing fleet operates out of this tiny harbour, a very Cornish cluster of boats, slipway and slate-topped cottages. There's precious…

8. Goonhilly Downs

4.24 MILES

Across the centre of the Lizard sprawls the barren Goonhilly Downs, a flat, grassy heathland which – rather improbably – also happens to be home to one of…