500px Photo ID: 92698707 - An early morning shot of the sun rising over the east of london with some of the big landmarks in front of the orange sky.www.facebook.com/maxrobeynsphotography

Maxime Robeyns / 500px

Puncturing the skies above London, the dramatic splinter-like form of the Shard has become an icon of the city and is one of the tallest buildings in Europe. The scene from the 244m-high viewing platforms on floors 69 and 72 is like none other in town, but it comes at an equally lofty price; book online in advance for a potential discount. Premium tickets come with a good-weather guarantee, meaning you might be able to return for free.

To take in the view for less, visit one of the building's restaurants or bars; you'll pay half the viewing-platform ticket price for a cocktail at Aqua Shard, where the views are still spectacular.