An evening at Mayfield Lavender Farm.

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Mayfield Lavender

Top choice in London

With a bright-red London phone box rising surreally up in a sea of purple flowers, Mayfield Lavender is one of the most alluring summer sights around London, drawing visitors from as far as China (in large numbers) and, of course, plenty of buzzy bees. A shop by the gate sells lavender products and a cafe is at hand too.

When to go

Outside the summer season, the field is dormant, then in June it awakens, with July and August the peak flowering season and a sumptuous, glorious blaze of purple. The views as the sun goes down are killer.

A huge oak tree stands over a beautiful field of purple lavender in bloom
Mayfield Lavender fields are at their peak in July and August © Mark Chilvers / Lonely Planet

How to get there and other information 

The farm is in between Purley and Banstead; take bus 166 from West Croydon Overground station or from Purley to Oaks Park, which is right outside the gate to Mayfield Lavender. If you come by car, parking is free (as long as you pay the £4 admission fee). Fun tractor rides are £2 per person. Weekday visits are recommended, as weekends can get overloaded.

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