Buddhapadipa Temple

Richmond, Kew & Hampton Court

Surrounded by trees in over 1.5 hectares of tranquil Wimbledon land, this delightful Thai Buddhist temple actively welcomes everyone. Accompanying its reflective Buddhist repose, a community feel permeates the temple grounds, with visitors invited in for coffee and a chat. The wat (temple) boasts a bot (consecrated chapel) decorated with traditional scenes by two leading Thai artists (take your shoes off before entering). Take bus 93 from Wimbledon tube, train or tram station.

Sundays are generally the most eventful times to visit, when Dhamma talks and discussions are given in the main temple between 1pm and 2pm. The temple also holds regular meditation classes, retreats (see the website) and colourfully celebrates festivals on the Buddhist calendar. To reach the temple, take the tube or train to Wimbledon and then bus 93 up to Wimbledon Parkside. Calonne Rd leads off it on the right.

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