London Dungeon

Historic Building in The South Bank

Older kids tend to love the London Dungeon, as the terrifying queues during school holidays and weekends test­ify. It's all spooky music, ghostly boat rides, macabre hangman's drop-rides, fake blood and actors dressed up as torturers and gory criminals (including Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd), with interactive scares galore.

The highlights are the vaudevillian delights of being sentenced by a mad, bewigged judge on trumped-up charges, the utterly disorienting Whitechapel Labyrinth, the Drop Dead Drop Ride (which has you 'plummeting' to your death by hanging from the gallows) and Escape the Great Fire of London, rounded off with a stop in the Tavern.

It takes just over 1½ hours to work your way through the gory dungeon. Buy tickets online to avoid the queues and save a few pounds too. Note that children younger than eight may find some of the attractions too scary.