Greenwich Park

Top choice park in Greenwich & South London

Image by Pierre Champion Five Hundred Pixels

This is one of London’s loveliest expanses of green, with a rose garden, picturesque walks, Anglo-Saxon tumuli and astonishing views from the crown of the hill near the Royal Observatory towards Canary Wharf – the financial district across the Thames. Covering 74 hectares, it's the oldest enclosed royal park and is partly the work of André Le Nôtre, the landscape architect who designed the palace gardens of Versailles.

The park contains a lovely teahouse near the Royal Observatory, a cafe behind the National Maritime Museum, a deer park, tennis courts in the southwest and a boating lake at the Queen’s House end. There's also the Peter Harrison Planetarium, the Camera Obscura and Ranger's House. The park is also full of chestnut trees – head there in October and pick the nuts from the ground.