Greenwich Park

Top choice park in Greenwich & South London

Image by Pierre Champion Five Hundred Pixels

This is one of London’s loveliest expanses of green, with a rose garden, picturesque walks, Anglo-Saxon tumuli and astonishing views from the crown of the hill near the Royal Observatory towards Canary Wharf – the financial district across the Thames. Covering 74 hectares, it's the oldest enclosed royal park, and is bisected by the Meridian Line, putting it half-and-half in the western and eastern hemispheres.

The park – whose design was inspired by the work of André Le Nôtre, the landscape architect who designed the palace gardens of Versailles – contains a lovely teahouse near the Royal Observatory, a cafe behind the National Maritime Museum, a deer park, tennis courts in the southwest and a boating lake at the Queen’s House end. There's also the Peter Harrison Planetarium, the Camera Obscura in the Royal Observatory and Ranger's House.