Scotts Head


On Dominica’s southernmost tip, the fishing village of Scotts Head has a gem of a setting along the gently curving shoreline of Soufriere Bay. While it got very badly damaged by Hurricane Maria, colorful characters still hang out on the porches of pastel-painted houses, and locals seem surprised to see outsiders visiting this remote corner of the island.

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1. Scotts Head Point

0.42 MILES

A narrow isthmus separating the fierce Atlantic and the calm Caribbean leads to Scotts Head, the rocky headland named for an 18th-century British…

2. Soufriere Sulfur Springs

1.83 MILES

These naturally heated mineralized waters drain from two streams into several small pools in the hills above Soufriere. To find this place, walk past…

3. Grand Bay

2.57 MILES

This sweeping bay is on Dominica’s south coast. Turn inland at Loubiere onto a wide and largely pothole-free curving road skirting the base of Morne…

4. Roseau Public Library

5.83 MILES

This handsome 1906 stone building was funded by US philanthropist Andrew Carnegie and was Dominica's best public library until Maria ripped off its roof…

5. St George’s Anglican Church

5.89 MILES

This gray stone church was originally built in the 1820s, but has been reconstructed several times over its 200-year history. It was almost totally…

6. Dominica Museum

5.94 MILES

This small but interesting museum above the tourist office right near the cruise-ship pier provides an overview of the history of Dominica and its people…

7. Old Market

5.95 MILES

This cobblestone plaza has been the center of action in Roseau for more than 300 years. It’s been the site of political meetings, farmers markets and,…

8. Morne Bruce

5.97 MILES

Dominica’s president is among the residents of this rather exclusive hillside enclave above the Botanic Gardens. The main reason to venture up here is for…