Møns Klint - panoramic view

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Møns Klint


One of Denmark's most iconic landscapes, Møn's tree-topped white cliffs rise sharply up to 128m (420ft) above an azure sea with milky-blue shallows coloured by chalky run-off.

Møns Klint is a very popular tourist destination and the most popular arrival point at the GeoCenter above the cliffs has a busy cafeteria, souvenir shops and picnic grounds. But none of this detracts from the natural appeal of the cliffs themselves or the lovely Klinteskoven woodlands behind them, with their networks of paths and tracks. At at least three points you can descend the cliffs by a series of wooden stairways.

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1. GeoCenter Møns Klint

0.15 MILES

The chalk cliffs at Møns Klint were created around 5000 years ago when calcareous deposits from aeons worth of seashells were lifted from the ocean floor…

2. Høvblege


In the shrubby fields of Høvblege, on the edge of the Klinteskoven forest, Denmark's last known population of Sortplettet Blåfugl (Large Blue) butterflies…

3. Liselund

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4. Klintholm Beaches

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Directly beside the harbour in Klintholm Havn are long sandy beaches. The eastern section is particularly pristine, with light-grey sand backed by low…

5. Elmelunde Kirke

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Elmelunde church originally dates back to the 1080s, but what makes it special are the painted ceiling vaults that, like the whitewashed stepped tower,…

6. Museumsgården

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Museumsgården is one of Denmark's best-preserved farmsteads, its thatched buildings remaining much as they were a century ago, inside and out. Most…

7. Keldby Kirke

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Some of Denmark’s most memorable frescoes are splashed across the walls and ceiling of Keldby’s 13th-century brick church. The oldest (1275) yet most…

8. Mølleporten

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In the 1430s, Stege was ringed to the east by a moat and city wall pierced by three gatehouses. Built in layered brick and stone, Mølleporten (Mill Gate)…