Sankt Mortens Kirke

Central Jutland

This imposing redbrick church dates from the end of the 15th century.

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1. Central Randers

0.02 MILES

The most interesting part of Randers is its central area, a hotchpotch of architecture with some antique gems alongside more-modern eyesores. Hunt down…

3. Randers Regnskov

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Randers' most-visited attraction is this dome-enclosed tropical zoo ('regnskov' means rainforest), where the temperature is always a humid 20°C to 30°C …

4. Memphis Mansion

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Four kilometres southeast of Randers' town centre is the Elvis Presley Museum, housed in a replica Graceland mansion (double the size of the original)…

5. Gammel Estrup

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On the outskirts of Auning, 33km west of Grenaa, lies this grand manor house, home to two museums, splendid gardens and an aura of Danish gentility.

6. Vikingecenter Fyrkat

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Complementing Fyrkat fortress is a Viking-style farmstead 1km north. Archaeologists believe such farms existed around the fortress walls, supplying…

7. Fyrkat

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Although it’s smaller than the better-known Trelleborg in Zealand, the thousand-year-old Fyrkat ring fortress so closely resembles Trelleborg that both…

8. Djurs Sommerland

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One of Djursland’s biggest drawcards is this much-hyped amusement park with arguably the best outdoor rides in Jutland (more than 60, including Denmark's…