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Northern Jutland

Northern Jutland, split from the rest of Jutland by the Limfjord, wows visitors with its magnificent light and beautiful barren landscapes of shifting sands. The region is promoted as 'Lysets Land', or the Land of Light, and if you witness the soft blue nuances by the water as day turns into night, you’ll understand how the name came about (and begin to comprehend the region’s appeal to artists).

But it’s not just painters who flock here. Surfers and beach-goers make a beeline for the north the minute the weather turns kind. Families head off to the zoos, aquariums and funparks, and seafood lovers rejoice in the fresh-off-the-boat catches.

The area’s most coveted tourist destination is Skagen, at Denmark’s northern tip. It’s both a civilised haven of chichi restaurants and art museums, and a wild place where nature calls the shots – which sums up the entire region, really.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Northern Jutland.