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Møn, Falster & Lolland

Welcome to Denmark’s ‘South Sea Islands’. OK, you won't get coconut palms and hula skirts…but do expect a fine glimpse of rural Scandinavian island life amid rolling fields of wheat and sugar beet dotted with occasional neolithic tombs.

Møn deserves the most attention, artistically spirited and home to something very unusual for Denmark: cliffs! Several medieval churches feature memorable frescoes, from masterpieces to primitive daubs. Add evocative beaches, enchanted forests and cosy guesthouses, and you’ve got a gem of an island escape.

Less discovered, the twin isles of Lolland-Falster are most famous for the extraordinarily long, sandy beach at Marielyst. Patchworks of farms, lakes and woods make for great cycling; agricultural estates are developing local products; Knuthenborg Safari Park is a national drawcard; and the Dodekalitten make Lolland Denmark's Easter Island. Well, almost.

Rail and/or road bridges mean that connections to southern Zealand don't require a ferry trip.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Møn, Falster & Lolland.