Anne Hvides Gård


Svendborg's oldest house is a bumblebee-coloured 1560 structure that leans tipsily to one side, in contrast to the modernist cafe next door.

Since 2016 it has stored part of the city's archaeological collection but as yet the interior is not open to visitors. More of that collection can be seen at Broholm Castle.

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Nearby Funen attractions

1. Danmark's Forsorgsmuseum

0.24 MILES

This highly thought-provoking 'welfare museum' is housed in Svendborg's old poorhouse, within which paupers lived segregated by sex, as virtual prisoners…

2. Naturama

0.25 MILES

Impressive for its sweeping three-storey modern layout and multisensory approach, Naturama is designed to give a very visual introduction to wildlife,…

3. Danmarks Museum for Lystsejlads

0.33 MILES

In a large harbourside warehouse you can peruse over 30 out-of-water sailboats, along with a collection of outboard motors and a workshop where, when…

4. Sejlskibsbroen

0.33 MILES

Sejlskibsbroen is a jetty lined with splendidly preserved wooden sailing ships, including some multimasted schooners, all seaworthy and making regular…

5. Tåsinge Museum

2.53 MILES

Blooming with hollyhocks, the two thatched cottages fronting this local history museum create a scene that's chocolate-box quaint even when the doors are…

6. Bregninge Kirke

2.54 MILES

Drop a coin in the honesty box and climb to the octagonal viewing platform beneath the spire of this sturdy hilltop church for panoramic views.

7. Valdemars Slot

3.15 MILES

Ideal as a boat-trip excursion from Svendborg, this lavish palace is crammed with antique furniture, Venetian glass, 17th-century Gobelin tapestries and…

8. Egebjerg Mølle

4.69 MILES

North of Otterup, this former windmill has lost its sails and had its crown replaced by faceted-glass viewing windows, creating an observation point to…