Copenhagen Zoo

Vesterbro & Frederiksberg

Located up on Frederiksberg (Frederik's Hill), Copenhagen Zoo rustles and rumbles with more than 2500 critters, including lions, zebras, hippos and gorillas. The zoo's state-of-the-art elephant enclosure was designed by English architect Sir Norman Foster, while the Arctic Ring enclosure allows visitors to walk right through the polar-bear pool for some spectacular close encounters with those deceptively cuddly-looking beasts.

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Nearby Vesterbro & Frederiksberg attractions

1. Frederiksberg Have

0.18 MILES

This is Copenhagen’s most romantic park, with lakes, woodlands and lovely picnic lawns. Guarding the main entrance is 19th-century royal Frederik VI, who…

2. Cisternerne

0.22 MILES

Below elegant Søndermarken Park lurks Copenhagen's damp, dripping 19th-century reservoir. These days it's best known as Cisternerne, one of Copenhagen's…

3. Visit Carlsberg

0.54 MILES

Set to reopen in 2020 after a major refurbishment, Visit Carlsberg explores the history of Danish beer from 1370 BC (yes, they carbon-dated a bog girl who…

4. Shooting Range Wall

1.29 MILES

In a cul-de-sac off Istedgade is this imposing red-brick wall, its gate leading to the delightful Skydebanehaven (Shooting Range Gardens). While it might…

5. Tycho Brahe Planetarium

1.46 MILES

Explore the heavens at Copenhagen's planetarium, with its state-of-the-art equipment capable of projecting more than 7500 stars, planets and galaxies in…

6. V1 Gallery


Part of the Kødbyen (Vesterbro's 'Meatpacking District'), V1 is one of Copenhagen's most progressive art galleries. Cast your eye on fresh work from…

7. Fotografisk Center

1.62 MILES

Hidden away in a warehouse in the 'brown-brick' section of the Meatpacking District, the Fotografisk Center serves up rotating exhibitions of contemporary…

8. Assistens Kirkegård

1.73 MILES

You'll find some of Denmark's most celebrated citizens at this famous cemetery, including philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, physicist Niels Bohr, author Hans…