Lille Tårn


Lille Tårn on Frederiksø dates from 1685 and is now the local history museum. The ground floor features fishing supplies, hand tools and ironworks; upstairs there are cannons, vintage furniture pieces, models and a display of local flora and fauna.

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1. Store Tårn

0.16 MILES

Built in 1684, Christiansø’s Store Tårn is an impressive structure measuring a full 25m in diameter, and the tower’s 100-year-old lighthouse offers a…

2. Gudhjem Glasrøgeri

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Watch top-quality Bornholm glass being hand-blown at Gudhjem Glasrøgeri at the dockside.

3. Oluf Høst Museet

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This wonderful museum contains the workshops and paintings of Oluf Høst (1884–1966), one of Bornholm’s best-known artists. The museum occupies the home…

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5. Melstedgård

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This folk/farm museum has a new addition, and a second name: 'Gaarden – Bornholms Madkulturhus'. It's a mouthful when translated (Bornholm's House of Food…

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8. Svaneke Kirke

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You’ll find some interesting period buildings near the elevated landmark of Svaneke Kirke, a few minutes’ walk south of Svaneke Torv. The watermelon-hued…