If you’re interested in crafts, there are a number of ceramics and handicraft shops dotted around town, and at Glastorvet in the town centre there’s a workshop of renowned local designer Pernille Bülow, where you can watch glass being melted into orange glowing lumps and then blown into clear, elegant glassware. This is a lovely spot to explore local flavours and artisans.

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Nearby Bornholm attractions

1. Svaneke Kirke

0.11 MILES

You’ll find some interesting period buildings near the elevated landmark of Svaneke Kirke, a few minutes’ walk south of Svaneke Torv. The watermelon-hued…

2. Nexø Museum

5.04 MILES

In a handsome 1796 sandstone building opposite the waterfront, the modest yet endearing Nexø Museum features intriguing exhibits on Nexø’s history,…

3. Bornholms Sommerfuglepark

5.08 MILES

Just outside of Nexø is Sommerfuglepark, offering jungle climates and more than 1000 butterflies in its plant-filled butterfly house.

4. Martin Andersen Nexø Huset

5.44 MILES

Snoop around the childhood home of the author of Pelle the Conqueror (the book that inspired the 1988 Oscar-winning film). The house is in the southern…

5. Baltic Sea Glass

6.82 MILES

Wherever you travel on Bornholm you will come across small independent ceramicists’ and glass-blowers’ studios. A couple of kilometres south of Gudhjem is…

6. Østerlars Rundkirke

7.59 MILES

The largest and most impressive of Bornholm's round churches dates to at least 1150, and its seven buttresses and upper-level shooting positions give away…

7. Bornholms Middelaldercenter

7.94 MILES

This 'Medieval Centre' re-creates a medieval fort and village, and gives the Danes another chance to do what they love best: dressing up in period costume…

8. Melstedgård

7.95 MILES

This folk/farm museum has a new addition, and a second name: 'Gaarden – Bornholms Madkulturhus'. It's a mouthful when translated (Bornholm's House of Food…