Capuchin Monastery


One of the city's leading attractions is this ghoulish cellar crypt that holds the mummified remains of several city noblemen from the 18th century. Apparently, the dry, well-ventilated crypt has the natural ability to turn dead bodies into mummies. Up to 150 cadavers were deposited here prior to 1784, the desiccated corpses including monks, abbots and local notables.

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1. Moravian Museum

0.09 MILES

This natural history and ethnographic museum holds some six million pieces and is the country's second-largest. Exhibits straddle the gulf between extinct…

2. Parnassus Fountain

0.09 MILES

At the centre of Zelný trh (Cabbage Market), the heart of the Old Town, is the curious baroque Parnassus Fountain (1695), a symbolic cave encrusted with…

3. Bishop's Court

0.09 MILES

The Bishop's Court Museum houses a small aquarium that might hold the kids' attention for a few minutes; other than that, there's plenty of information on…

4. Labyrinth under the Cabbage Market

0.11 MILES

In recent years, the city has opened several sections of extensive underground tunnels to the general public. This tour takes around 60 minutes to explore…

5. Old Town Hall

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No visit to Brno would be complete without a peek inside the city's medieval Old Town Hall, parts of which date back to the 13th century. The tourist…

6. Cathedral of Sts Peter & Paul

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This 14th-century cathedral atop Petrov Hill was originally built on the site of a pagan temple to Venus, and has been reconstructed many times since. The…

7. House of the Four Mamlases

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On the eastern side of náměstí Svobody is the House of the Four Mamlases. The facade here is supported by a quartet of well-muscled, but clearly moronic, …

8. House of the Lords of Lipá

0.24 MILES

The House of the Lords of Lipá is a Renaissance palace (1589–96) with a 19th-century sgraffito facade and arcaded courtyard.