Goat Hill


Goat Hill is topped with an abandoned 15th-century lookout tower offering stunning views over the Old Town. To find it, walk steeply uphill from the entrance to the Jewish Cemetery. Note that the tower keeps irregular hours: it's only open when the flag is flying. But even if the tower is closed, the views from the hilltop are spectacular.

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1. Jewish Cemetery

0.07 MILES

The size of Mikulov's forlorn Jewish cemetery, numbering 4000 tombstones, is a testament to the importance of the community to the town over the centuries…

2. High Synagogue

0.16 MILES

The main synagogue dates from around 1550 and is said to be the only synagogue in Moravia of the 'Polish' style. It was rebuilt after a fire in 1719 and…

3. Dietrichstein Burial Vault


The Dietrichstein family mausoleum occupies the former St Anne's Church. The front of the building features a remarkable baroque facade ‒ the work of…

4. Mikulov Chateau

0.22 MILES

This chateau was the seat of the Dietrichstein family from 1575 to 1945, and played an important role in the 19th century, hosting on separate occasions…

5. Holy Hill

0.42 MILES

To reach the 363m peak of Holy Hill, take the 1km path through a nature reserve and past grottoes depicting the Stations of the Cross to the compact…

6. Assumption of the Virgin Mary


Valtice’s most significant church is this early baroque work, dating from the middle of the 17th century. Take a look inside to admire the rare baroque…

7. Valtice Chateau

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Valtice’s 12th-century castle, the seat of the wealthy Liechtenstein family, is one of the country's finest baroque structures, the work of JB Fischer von…

8. Lednice Chateau

7.66 MILES

Lednice’s massive neo-Gothic chateau, owned by the Liechtenstein family from 1582 to 1945, is one of the country’s most popular weekend destinations. The…