Governor’s Beach


Lemesos’ tourist appeal starts 30km east of the city at Governor’s Beach, which features several coves of dark sand contrasting with white, chalky rocks. On the downside, the Vasilikos power station looms 3km to the east, blighting the otherwise seamless sea views. The restaurant here, Panayiotis, is popular for its fish meze.

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1. Ancient Amathous

6.49 MILES

The remains at this archaeological site, about 11km east of Lemesos, belie its original importance. Amathous was one of Cyprus’ original four kingdoms,…

2. Choirokoitia

7.22 MILES

Occupying a well-defended hillside with a large perimeter wall, this small but well-preserved neolithic site is the earliest permanent human settlement…

3. Timiou Stavrou Church

10.76 MILES

Although the building you see today was greatly remodelled in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Timiou Stavrou (Holy Cross) Church dates back to the…

4. Lefkara Folk Art Museum

10.82 MILES

Formerly the home of one of Lefkara’s wealthiest families, this restored building is set around a large courtyard complete with outdoor oven and…

5. Lemesos Zoo

12.26 MILES

This small zoo is well maintained and has a selection of animals ranging from giraffes to crocodiles. Pony rides are available for kids (€3) and there's…

6. Archaeological Museum

12.28 MILES

This museum includes an extensive collection of pottery, and a selection of items dating from neolithic and Chalcolithic times through to Mycenaean…

7. Cyprus Theatre Museum

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This former private collection belonging to an enthusiastic amateur actor offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of theatre in Cyprus through…

8. Municipal Folk Art Museum

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Spread over six rooms and a past winner of the prestigious Europa Nostra Award (EU prize for cultural heritage), this museum hosts beautiful…