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Akamas Peninsula

At the far southwest of the Akamas Peninsula is Lara Beach, accessible by car and most famous for the green and loggerhead turtles that breed at its turtle hatchery. Beyond, this part of western Cyprus juts almost defiantly into the Mediterranean and is one of the island’s last remaining wildernesses. Visitors can still traverse the peninsula as long as they’re prepared to walk, ride a trail bike or bump along in a sturdy 4WD. If you are visiting the mythical Baths of Aphrodite, you can leave your car in the free car park and stride out from there.

The peninsula is home to abundant flora and fauna, including some 600 plant species, 35 of them unique to Cyprus. There are also 68 bird species, 12 types of mammal (including foxes and hedgehogs), 20 species of reptile and many butterflies, such as the native Glaucopsyche pafos, the symbol of the region.