Lošinj & Cres Islands

Separated only by an 11m-wide canal and joined by a bridge, these two sparsely populated and scenic islands in the Kvarner archipelago are often treated as a single entity. Although their topography is different, the islands’ identities are blurred by a shared history.

Nature lovers will be in heaven here. Both islands are criss-crossed by hiking and biking trails, and the surrounding waters are home to the only known resident population of dolphins in the Adriatic. Much of the sea off the eastern coast is protected by the Lošinj Dolphin Reserve, the first of its kind in the Mediterranean.

Wilder, greener and more mountainous Cres (Cherso in Italian) has remote campgrounds, pristine beaches, a handful of medieval villages and a real off-the-beaten-track feel. The 31km-long Lošinj (Lussino in Italian) is more populated and touristy and offers more lush vegetation.

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