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By contrast, Zadar is a cultured city rich in museums, Roman ruins, restaurants and hip bars. Summertime clubbers gravitate to Zrće Beach and Tisno, which together form the nucleus of Croatia’s premier clubbing scene.

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Plitvice Lakes National Park Full-Day Tour from Zadar

Departing from Zadar in the morning, your day trip starts with the 1-hour-and-45-minute drive to Plitvice Lakes National Park.Home to diverse vegetation and wildlife, including wild boar, wolves, and even bears, the park was granted World Heritage status in 1979. Located roughly halfway between Zagreb and Zadar, it's marked on old maps as the Devil’s Garden; the spectacular area consists of 16 interconnected terraced lakes, gushing over travertine rock covered in moss. When you arrive at Plitvice, begin your 4-hour guided tour, visiting the Upper Lakes and Lower Lakes and enjoying the unspoiled environment of one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Although you can’t swim in the protected lakes, your guide will show you the best places to explore and relax in this paradise of natural wonders. Besides walking and sightseeing, the tour includes an electric boat ride on Kozjak Lake. On your way back, stop for lunch at a restaurant outside the park (own expense) before returning to Zadar, where your tour ends.

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Kornati National Park Full Day Sailing Trip from Zadar

You will set sail from Zadar main port in the morning and sailing through Zadar channel towards passage Mali Ždrelac that connects two islands, Pašman and Ugljan. Passing under Pašman bridge and then sailing towards Long island (Dugi otok). You will stop for a swim in a natural bay just before entering to Kornati, so you will have the opportunity for short snack as well as swimming. After you will pass through Mala Provesa and enter into the area of Kornati. There you will have the opportunity to see spectacular 150 meters high Devils rocks. Once again anchoring in a natural bay. Free time for sun tan, swimming, relaxing, cliff jumping and snorkeling. After spectacular view of cliffs and Kornati you will prepare for returning back to Zadar. Your skipper is also sailing instructor so he will give some sailing lesson and you will be able to drive the yacht (if you wish).

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Kornati Archipielago Sailing Tour from Zadar

Meet for the start of your cruise at Marina Tankerkomerce in Zadar. Cruise through Zadar channel toward the pass of Mali Ždrelac, passing under the Pašman Bridge that connects the islands of Ugljan and Pašman. Continue on toward the island of Dugi otok. On the way there, you'll be able to see a part of the national park Kornati, and then you'll enter nature park Telašćica. Through the pass called Mala Provesa, enter into the area of the Park of Nature- Telašćica. Here you are docking near salt lake Mir. This lake is situated in the south-western part of the Park. The area abounds with richness of flora and fauna. Within the park is situated a donkey reserve. Coastal or Dinaric donkey is a Croatian breed, and there are 15 donkeys living in Telašćica at the moment. Here you will have free time to have lunch, swim, and walk along coast side of the island, and see unique stone sculptures. This path leads you to the cliffs and one of the most beautiful views of the sea.Continue your cruise toward a small cove for more swimming and enjoying the Adriatic Sea. On the way back to Zadar, your skipper will teach you the basics of sailing.Return to shore in Zadar at about 6pm.

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Zadar Romantic Sunset Sailing Trip

You will set sails for 2 hours. Drink a bottle of wine or champagne. And finish the day the best way you can.As everywhere else in the world, sunsets in Zadar are always unique and can never be repeated. Why does that happen so? Of course, science will tell you all about the sunlight beams, molecules in the air, the color spectrum visible to the human eye, but it cannot explain that feeling of awwww it provokes. Because at the time when the bright blue of the daytime is slowly replaced by the equally bright shades of orange and red, everything seems to come to a standstill. Again, we say ‘orange’, but the word doesn’t even come near to cover the essence of the colors you see. Zadar is also a city where clouds don’t often hide the setting sun, but every now and then scattered clouds add a breathtaking touch to sunset. Irresistible.Zadar also has a unique way of saying nightie night to the sun. Every single evening. Namely, the best place to witness the famous Zadar sunset is by the sea, as you walk along the promenade and then stop where the sunset receives a special greeting - a modern light installation, Greetings to the Sun, appears to share a dance full of light with the setting sun, accompanied by the unique sound of the Sea Organ. It’s a place where even a complete anti-sunset person will stop and have a moment. (And a fag, or a beer). Because the sunset by the sea is simply too seductive to resist.

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Kornati National Park Full-Day Trip from Zadar

Your day trip to the jewel of the Adriatic Sea begins as you depart Zadar in the morning.Leaving in the morning, make your way to the Kornati National Park via boat. Enjoy breakfast as you travel to the 109 islands that make up the park. Along the way you'll stop twice to go swimming on beautiful secluded beaches, tour an old village on an island, and visit the Tureta fort.Then relax as you are taken on a tour around the park, checking up the dramatic karst-limestone formations that tower around you. In the middle of the day, you will also be treated to lunch. Enjoy!

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Full-Day Private Plitvice Lakes National Park Tour

Enjoy a complimentary hotel pick up from your accommodation in Plitvice Lakes to the entrance 1 of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Greet your guide and small group and begin the tour by exploring the lower lakes and magnificent Large Waterfall, the biggest in the park.Follow the path that leads across the lakes and waterfalls until you reach a spot to take a short rest. There are few snack bars where you can buy drinks and food. To reach the upper lakes, you then take a boat ride across Lake Kozjak. At the upper part you will see even more waterfalls. From the top point of the upper lakes, catch the electric train to the park's exit where you bid farewell at around 3:30pm. Return to your hotel/guesthouse in Plitvice area.