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Southern Costa Rica & Península de Osa

From the chilly heights of Cerro Chirripó (12532ft, 3820m) to the steamy coastal jungles of the Península de Osa, this sector of Costa Rica encompasses some of the country's most remote land. Vast tracts of forest remain untouched in Parque Internacional La Amistad, and the country's most visible indigenous groups – the Bribrí, Cabécar, Boruc and Ngöbe – maintain traditional ways of living in their territories.

Quetzal sightings around San Gerardo de Dota are frequent, and scarlet-macaw appearances are the norm along the coast. Monkeys, sloths and coatis roam the region's abundant parks and reserves, and in Parque Nacional Corcovado there's also the rare chance to spy on slumbering tapir. Meanwhile, the rugged coasts of the Golfo Dulce and Península de Osa captivate travelers with empty beaches, world-class surf and opportunities for rugged exploration.

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