Parque Nacional Chirripó

Top choice in Southern Costa Rica & Península de Osa

While much of the Cordillera de Talamanca is difficult to access, Costa Rica’s highest peak, Cerro Chirripó (3820m), is the focus of popular two-day ascents from San Gerardo de Rivas. Most hikers go up to Crestones Base Lodge and summit at sunrise the following day.

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1. Cloudbridge Nature Reserve

6.35 MILES

About 2km past the trailhead to Cerro Chirripó you will find the entrance to the mystical, magical Cloudbridge Nature Reserve. Covering 283 hectares on…

2. Talamanca Reserve

7.13 MILES

With over 1600 hectares of primary and secondary cloud forest, this private reserve has miles of hiking trails to explore. Visitors will be rewarded with…

3. Jardines Secretos

7.98 MILES

These not-so-secret gardens make for a tranquil pre- or post-Chirripó pastime as the owners talk you through their collection of orchids and other…

4. Cathedral

17.11 MILES

Love it or hate it, San Isidro's modernist, concrete cathedral dominates the main square and is the town's most interesting architectural feature. That…

5. Batsù Garden

21.73 MILES

A garden designed specifically for birdwatching and photography. Feeders and fruits attract the birds to viewing platforms, while trails wind through the…

6. El Mirador

24.8 MILES

Around 70 steps (approx 10 to 15 minutes up) lead to a viewing platform overlooking the vast verdant hillsides, with a trickling waterfall in the distance…

7. Parque Nacional Los Quetzales

25.71 MILES

Spread along both banks of the Río Savegre, Parque Nacional Los Quetzales covers 50 sq km of rainforest, cloud forest and premontane forest lying along…