Parque Nacional Tapantí-Macizo Cerro de la Muerte

This 580-sq-km national park preserves the verdant northern slopes of the Cordillera de Talamanca and is the wettest reserve in the country, getting 8000mm of precipitation a year. The park's largest peak, the Cerro de la Muerte (Mountain of Death; 3451m), is also the highest point on the Costa Rican section of the Interamericana. 'El Salto' is an easy 100m walk up steps to a lookout point with waterfall and mountain views.

There are three other trails of varying difficulty, ranging from 1km to 3km and running up steep slopes or along the flat riverbed. The ranger's office at the park entrance has maps and info on each path. Toilets, picnic tables and water are available in the park, as is a small exhibit with info on nature in the area, plus insects and stuffed animals. There are birdwatching and orchid-spotting opportunities aplenty. Find the turning to the park off Ruta Nacional 408.

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