Zhongshan Park


Within central Qingdao, Zhongshan Park is a vast 69 hectares of lakes, gardens and walking paths; it's an amusement park for kids and also the venue of lively festivals in the spring and summer. In the park’s northeast rises Taiping Hill with a cable car to the TV Tower at the top. Also within the park is Qingdao’s largest temple, Zhanshan Temple, an active Buddhist sanctuary.

When you get off the cable car at the temple, look for a round concrete dome on the right. This is the entrance to a bunker, which the Germans used as a wine cellar, and today houses a wine bar.

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Nearby Qingdao attractions

1. Qingdao Cable Car

0.12 MILES

This cable car transports visitors up the length of Taiping Hill to Qingdao TV Tower, with excellent views along the way.

2. Taiping Hill

0.24 MILES

Rising up on the northeast side of Zhongshan Park, Taiping Hill hosts Qingdao TV Tower at its summit, connected to the base by a scenic cable car (one-way…

3. Qingdao TV Tower

0.29 MILES

This 232m-tall television tower sits atop Taiping Hill, with a revolving restaurant at the top and an observation platform for long views.

4. Zhanshan Temple

0.67 MILES

Within Zhongshan Park is Qingdao's largest temple, Zhanshan Temple, an active Buddhist monastery. The temple has a number of dramatic sandalwood Buddhas…

5. No 1 Bathing Beach

0.92 MILES

South of the tree-lined area known as Badaguan (八大关, Bādàguān), No 1 Bathing Beach is a very popular spot, perhaps for its snack stalls and children's toy…

6. Tsingtao Beer Museum

0.96 MILES

For a self-serving introduction to China’s iconic beer, head to the original and still-operating brewery. On view are old photos, preserved brewery…

7. Little Fish Hill

1.05 MILES

This sweet little park is near No 1 Bathing Beach. Admission is free after 6.30pm.

8. Huashi Lou

1.07 MILES

This granite and marble villa built in 1930 was first the home of a Russian aristocrat, and later the German governor’s hunting lodge. It is also known as…