Taiqing Palace


Accessible from either the Dahedong entrance or the Yangkou entrance, Lao Shan’s oldest and grandest temple was established by the first Song emperor around AD 960 to perform Taoist rites to protect the souls of the dead. Taoist devotees in blue and white still live here, and many credit their good health to drinking from the Spring of the Immortals (神水泉, Shénshuǐ Quán), which feeds into the grounds. The massive ancient gingko, cedar and cypress trees also apparently benefit your health.

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Nearby Shandong attractions

1. Jufeng

3.49 MILES

Most easily reached from the Dahedong (大河东, Dàhédòng) entrance to the park, this peak – the name literally means 'Huge Peak' – is Lao Shan's highest point…

2. Yangkou Scenic Area

6.74 MILES

You can ascend this scenic area by foot or cable car past wind- and water-carved granite. There’s a 30m scramble in total darkness up a crevice to the top…

3. Chaoyin Waterfall

8.76 MILES

Located within the Beijiushui Scenic Area, this waterfall roars like an ocean tide in the wet season (in drier months the water falls in pieces, hence its…

4. Beijiushui Scenic Area


This canyon area at the north end of Lao Shan is mostly flat and takes a couple of hours to traverse. The path winds alongside and across clear, blue…

5. Qingdao Municipal Museum

11.73 MILES

This massive collection of relics anchors the budding cultural zone in Lao Shan district. It has the usual broad span of exhibits expected in a big-city…

6. Shilaoren Beach

12.23 MILES

On the far eastern side of town in Lao Shan district, and now with its own metro station, this 2.5km-long strip of clean sand is Qingdao’s largest and has…

7. Zhanshan Temple

18.23 MILES

Within Zhongshan Park is Qingdao's largest temple, Zhanshan Temple, an active Buddhist monastery. The temple has a number of dramatic sandalwood Buddhas…

8. No 3 Bathing Beach

18.3 MILES

On the eastern side of Taiping Cape in Badaguan is this cove with dedicated swim lanes, paddle boats and gentle waves. Very close to Taipingjiao Park…