Taipa Village

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The historical part of Taipa is best preserved in this village in the south of the district. An intricate warren of alleys holds traditional Chinese shops and some excellent restaurants, while the broader main roads are punctuated by colonial villas, churches and temples. Rua da Cunha, the main pedestrian drag, is lined with vendors hawking free samples of Macanese almond cookies and beef jerky, and tiny cafes selling egg tarts and serradura pudding.

Avenida da Praia, a tree-lined esplanade with wrought-iron benches, is perfect for a leisurely stroll.

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1. Taipa Village Art Space

0.03 MILES

A new art space in Taipa Village offering screenings and exhibitions related to Macau or Portugal. See their Facebook page for upcoming shows. Recent…

2. Pak Tai Temple

0.07 MILES

Pak Tai Temple sits quietly in a breezy square framed by old banyan trees. It is dedicated to a martial deity, the Taoist God ('Tai') of the North ('Pak')…

3. Museum of Taipa & Coloane History

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This museum that used to be a 19th century municipal building has a display of excavated relics and other artefacts on the 1st floor. Religious objects,…

4. Church of Our Lady of Carmel

0.15 MILES

Built in 1885, this lovely yellow neoclassical church stands on a hill overlooking the harbour, scenic Taipa Village and the pastel-coloured Taipa Houses…

5. Taipa Houses-Museum

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Before being converted into a museum, the pastel-coloured villas (c 1921) here were the summer residences of wealthy Macanese. The Macanese Living Museum…

6. Pou Tai Temple

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A picturesque monastery founded in the 19th century by Buddhist monks, Pou Tai is the most important Pure Land Buddhism or Amidism site in Macau. There's…

7. MGM Cotai

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In the MGM Cotai's atrium, the walls are hung with LED screens showing razor-sharp images of landscapes from all over the world. These are interspersed…

8. Macau Giant Panda Pavilion

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Coloane offers a convenient and inexpensive opportunity to see pandas. The pair of cuddly ones are kept inside a purpose-built pavilion inside Seac Pai…