C&G Artpartment


Clara and Gum, the founders of this edgy art space up three flights of stairs in a residential building, are passionate about nurturing the local art scene and representing socially minded artists. C&G also runs art courses. See website for details and current exhibitions.

The art space is in a building behind the Pioneer Centre (始創中心).

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Nearby Kowloon attractions

1. Lui Seng Chun

0.32 MILES

Hugging a street corner is this beautiful four-storey Chinese 'shophouse' belonging to a school of Chinese medicine. Constructed circa 1931, it features a…

2. Yau Ma Tei Theatre


Adjacent to the Wholesale Fruit Market, historic Yau Ma Tei Theatre (1930) stages regular performances of Cantonese opera. For decades, the art deco…

3. Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market

0.71 MILES

This historic market, founded in 1913, is a cluster of one- and two-storey brick and stone buildings with pre-WWII signboards above the stalls. Although…

4. Red Brick House

0.71 MILES

This neoclassical brick building once housed a Victorian pumping station. It now serves as a function space for the Yau Ma Tei Theatre nearby.

5. Temple Street Night Market


When night falls and neon buzzes, Hong Kong's liveliest market rattles into life. Covering multiple city blocks from Man Ming Lane in the north to Nanking…

6. Shanghai Street


Strolling down Shanghai St will return you to a time long past. Once Kowloon’s main drag, it's flanked by shops selling Chinese wedding gowns, sandalwood…

7. Heritage of Mei Ho House Museum

0.87 MILES

This museum inside the Mei Ho House Youth Hostel introduces the history of Mei Ho House, which was among the first batch of resettlement blocks built to…

8. Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

0.87 MILES

These factory premises that used to churn out shoes and watches have now been taken over by artists and creatives. Many studios are closed on weekdays,…