Jīnshā Site Museum

Museum in Chéngdū

Image by Lucas Schifres Getty Images

In 2001 archaeologists made a historic discovery in Chéngdū’s western suburbs: they unearthed a major site containing ruins of the 3000-year-old Shu kingdom. This excellent, expansive museum includes the excavation site and beautiful displays of many of the uncovered objects, which were created between 1200 and 600 BC.

Like the discoveries further outside the city at Sānxīngduī Musuem, the 6000 or so relics here include both functional and decorative items, from pottery and tools to jade artefacts, stone carvings and ornate gold masks. A large number of elephant tusks were also unearthed here.

From exit C of the Jīnshā Site Museum station on metro line 7, the ticket office is about 400m north.