Chengdu Art Gallery


Rotating exhibitions of classical-style Chinese art in a traditionally styled courtyard building that's almost as artistic as the paintings within. It's a real haven of calm from the frenetic crowds on the Wide and Narrow Alley pedestrian streets you take to access it.

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1. Tomb of Wang Jian

0.59 MILES

Built for Wang Jian (847–918), a general who rose to power following the collapse of the Tang dynasty to rule as emperor of the Shu kingdom, this above…

2. Culture Park

0.64 MILES

A sprawling green park of ginkgo-lined paths, lotus-filled ponds (listen out for the massive frogs croaking happily away) and teahouses. There's also…

3. People’s Park

0.66 MILES

On weekends, locals fill this park with dancing, song and taichi. There’s a small, willow-tree-lined boating lake and a number of teahouses: He Ming…

4. Qingyang Temple

0.75 MILES

Alongside Culture Park, this is Chengdu’s oldest and most extensive Taoist temple. Qingyang (Green Ram) Temple dates from the Zhou dynasty, although most…

5. Sichuan Art Museum


This six-floor museum is understaffed and understuffed, and the regular rotating exhibitions are hit or miss, but the good is good enough to make it worth…

6. Sichuan Science & Technology Museum

0.94 MILES

Families will love the hands-on nature of this huge museum – almost every display is of a touchy-feely nature. Labels and descriptions are light on…

7. Chengdu Museum

0.96 MILES

Spanning ancient Shu and pre-Qin dynasties to the Revolutionary era and modern Chengdu, this spectacular five-storey museum (completed in 2016) is packed…

8. Sichuan Museum

1.09 MILES

Aficionados of Chinese history will enjoy a stop here for a look at Sichuan's past through Shu-era calligraphy and painting, bronze works and ceramics,…