China Science & Technology Museum


Suitable for kids, this imposing facility 8km north of the city centre has an array of hands-on scientific exhibitions, a kids' science playground and 3D and ‘4D’ cinemas. Walk east from South Gate of Forest Park subway station, then take the second right (10 minutes).

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1. Olympic Park Observation Tower

0.27 MILES

Supposed to have been built in time for the Olympics, 'Big Nails' as this 247m-tall tower became known was put on hold, and only opened in 2015. The…

2. National Stadium

0.92 MILES

Known colloquially as the Bird’s Nest (鸟巢, Niǎocháo), the spectacular showpiece of the 2008 Olympics Games was designed by Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron…

3. Water Cube

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Next to the Bird's Nest, the bubble-covered National Aquatics Center (aka Water Cube) was another of Beijing's 2008 Olympic icons, hosting the swimming…

4. Yuan Dynasty Walls Relics Park

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Back when Beijing was 'Dadu', capital of Kublai Khan's Yuan dynasty, the city was sheltered by an earthwork wall, the northern battlements of which are…

5. Tsinghua University

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Often described as the MIT to Peking University's Harvard, Tsinghua is China's second-most prestigious university. The gigantic campus is known for its…

6. Ditan Park

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Beijing is surrounded by four heavenly altars, or tán, and Ditan (Altar of the Earth), situated in the north within grounds that are today a public park,…

7. Deshengmen Arrow Tower

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A monumental landmark along the 2nd Ring Rd is this surviving hulk of Beijing's dearly departed ramparts. A jiànlóu (arrow tower), it would have stood in…

8. Great Bell Temple

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Despite being stranded along the North 3rd Ring Rd, this Qing-era temple is well worth a diversion to marvel at its centrepiece, the humongous Yongle Bell…