Must see attractions in The Lakes District

  • T
    Teatro del Lago

    This amazing 12-years-in-the-making, US$25-million world-class performing-arts center opened in 2010, and has single-handedly put Frutillar on the global…

  • T
    Territorio Mapa Lahual

    Territorio Mapa Lahual protects some 60,000 hectares of mature forest and indigenous territories south of San Juan de la Costa and into Río Negro province…

  • P
    Parque Nacional Puyehue

    Parque Nacional Puyehue protects 1070 sq km of stark landscape defined by sand dunes and lava rivers, the result of Volcán Puyehue's 1960 eruption that…

  • P
    Parque Tagua-Tagua

    Carved out of virgin Valdivian rainforest 15km east of Puelo, Parque Tagua-Tagua is southern Chile's latest park. A private initiative funded by…

  • S
    Saltos del Petrohué

    Six kilometers southwest of Petrohué, the Saltos del Petrohué is a rushing, frothing waterfall raging through a narrow volcanic rock canyon carved by lava…

  • P
    Paseo Patrimonial

    Many notable constructions in town are private houses from the early 20th century. Grab a city map at the tourist office to follow the Paseo Patrimonial,…

  • M
    Museo Histórico Alemán

    The Museo Histórico Colonial Alemán was built with assistance from Germany and is managed by the Universidad Austral. It features nearly perfect…

  • M
    Museo de Puerto Octay

    A small but well-done museum inside the historic 1920 Casa Niklitschek telling the story of Puerto Octay via antiques.

  • M
    Monte Verde

    A small child's footprint discovered in a marshy field 28km west of Puerto Montt turned the archaeological world on its head in 1975 – evidence of human…

  • A
    Av Angelmó Street Stalls

    Along busy, diesel-fume-laden Av Angelmó is a dizzying mix of streetside stalls (selling artifacts, smoked mussels, cochayuyo – an edible sea plant – and…

  • C
    Casa del Arte Diego Rivera

    A joint Mexican-Chilean project finished in 1964, the upstairs Sala Hardy Wistuba specializes in works by local artists, sculptors and photographers. Also…

  • I
    Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón

    The imposing and colorful 1915 Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón, overlooking downtown from a promontory, is based on the Marienkirche of the Black Forest,…

  • C
    Catedral de Puerto Montt

    Built entirely of alerce in 1856, this church, located on the Plaza de Armas, is the town's oldest building and one of its few attractive ones.