Av Angelmó Street Stalls

Puerto Montt

Along busy, diesel-fume-laden Av Angelmó is a dizzying mix of streetside stalls (selling artifacts, smoked mussels, cochayuyo – an edible sea plant – and mysterious trinkets), craft markets and touristy seafood restaurants with croaking waiters beckoning you to a table. Enjoy the frenzy, but keep on going…

The best-quality crafts and food are found at the end of the road at the picturesque fishing port of Angelmó, 3km west of downtown. It's easily reached by frequent local buses and colectivos.

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1. Catedral de Puerto Montt

1.35 MILES

Built entirely of alerce in 1856, this church, located on the Plaza de Armas, is the town's oldest building and one of its few attractive ones.

2. Casa del Arte Diego Rivera


A joint Mexican-Chilean project finished in 1964, the upstairs Sala Hardy Wistuba specializes in works by local artists, sculptors and photographers. Also…

3. Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón

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The imposing and colorful 1915 Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón, overlooking downtown from a promontory, is based on the Marienkirche of the Black Forest,…

4. Monte Verde

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A small child's footprint discovered in a marshy field 28km west of Puerto Montt turned the archaeological world on its head in 1975 – evidence of human…

5. Teatro del Lago

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This amazing 12-years-in-the-making, US$25-million world-class performing-arts center opened in 2010, and has single-handedly put Frutillar on the global…

6. Museo Histórico Alemán

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The Museo Histórico Colonial Alemán was built with assistance from Germany and is managed by the Universidad Austral. It features nearly perfect…