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North Coast Tenerife

The north coast of Tenerife presents an entirely different complexion to the sun-baked, resort-encrusted south coast: geographically, culturally and climatically. A more cultured atmosphere reigns and a greater diversity is present in the landscape. The weather is a bit cooler and more unpredictable, with slightly more rain, though you'll get loads of sun too. Even individual towns enjoy their own microclimates – it can be raining in one town while the sun still shines on an adjacent village.

Puerto de la Cruz could well be your first port of call, a cultured and diverse town sitting languidly by the sea and rising sedately in its upper levels into the hills. Not far away – indeed walkably near – La Orotava is one of Tenerife's most attractive towns, famed for its traditional architecture, cobbled streets and strong sense of history. Further west, Garachico provides another handsome collection of well-preserved Canarian heritage architecture.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout North Coast Tenerife.