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Carved into the rock face, with fanciful chimneys, cupolas, lookouts and twisting staircases, this gallery, restaurant and bar with a New Mexico–meets-Morocco look is wrapped in legend. What is certain is that it was designed by César Manrique and prominent architect Jesús Soto, and briefly lived in by Omar Sharif (who lost it in a spectacularly unsuccessful game of bridge). Just 2km south of Teguise, it's hugely underrated and blissfully uncrowded, with regular exhibitions and a small museum.

If you arrive in the evening for dinner or a cocktail, you'll really get a feel for the wild celebrity parties that must have once taken place on the edge of sleepy Nazaret (and there's no entrance fee!). Also here are a couple of creative apartments (per week €840).

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1. Convento de Santo Domingo

0.93 MILES

The rotating exhibitions of local contemporary art hosted by Teguise's town hall contrast wonderfully with the stark 17th-century monastery it occupies.

2. Museo de la Piratería

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Perched 396m high on the Montaña de Guanapay, 1km east of town with sweeping views across the plains, the 16th-century Castillo de Santa Bárbara doubles…

3. Museo Diocesano de Arte Sacro

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Rebuilt after a 1618 fire, the 17th-century Convento de San Francisco houses a modest collection of religious art, a lovely artesonado ceiling and a fine…

4. Casa del Timple

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6. Fundación César Manrique

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Upon returning definitively to Lanzarote, César Manrique built his spectacular house and creative centre, Taro de Tahíche, into the lava fields just…

7. Casa-Museo del Campesino

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Just 2km north of San Bartolomé rises the modernistic Monumento al Campesino (Peasants’ Monument), created in 1968 by (surprise, surprise) César Manrique…

8. Museo del Tanit

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Set in an 18th-century bodega (one of the first in the San Bartolomé area), this rambling private ethnographic collection covers just about every aspect…