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This small community is the gateway to Québec's Côte-Nord, the North Shore of the St Lawrence River. Located on the river at the fjord's mouth, the village draws hordes of summertime visitors for its main attraction: whales.

Not only do Zodiacs zip out in search of the behemoths, but you can often glimpse smaller whales such as belugas and minkes from shore. Beyond whale-watching, Tadoussac's activities range from sea kayaking and 'surfbiking,' to exploring the fjord by boat, to simply wandering the dunes and headlands.

Tadoussac begins to emerge from its off-season slumber in May and can be packed with visitors from late June into the fall. By the end of October or early November, when the majority of the whales have migrated elsewhere, many of the town's accommodations, eateries and other businesses close for the winter.

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