Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia

Facing the wild swells of the Atlantic, Nova Scotia is heavily influenced by the sea. With its candy-striped lighthouses, salty fishing towns and towering red cliffs, this Maritime province feels thrillingly rugged and wild, especially in winter, when storms thrash the coastline and the ocean freezes. But come summer it's a different picture: Nova Scotians emerge to hike the trails, lounge on the beaches, tuck into gigantic lobster suppers and celebrate their Celtic roots with lively ceilidhs (parties with music and dancing). Life here has always been tough, but the locals' warm-hearted humor can't fail to make you feel welcome.


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One of Canada’s three “Maritime Provinces”, Nova Scotia is easy to navigate by car, bus, plane or bicycle. Here's how to do it.

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Put away your wallet, grab your sunscreen and relax: many of the best things to do in Nova Scotia are free. 

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This guide to the best road trips in Nova Scotia lets you discover the best roads, hikes (and scallops) in the province.

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Dean Petty rides his motorcycle along the coast of Nova Scotia © Jack Pearce/Lonely Planet

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