Cape Chignecto Provincial Park

Top choice in Nova Scotia

This isolated wilderness on the Bay of Fundy offers some of the best coastal hiking in Nova Scotia. The 55km coastal loop usually takes three days to complete, encompassing dramatic coastline, isolated bays and lofty sea cliffs, but there are plenty of options for easier hikes. The tides are dangerous, so stick to the trail. All hikers must register at the visitor center, where you can discuss itineraries and make backcountry-campground reservations.

There are two entry points to the park; overnighters must use the Red Rocks entrance at West Advocate, while day-use hikers must use the Eatonville entrance, 10km further north. The Eatonville entrance in particular has some great scenery nearby, including views of the Three Sisters sea stacks and Squally Point; trails to both start outside the visitor center (2.2km and 2.8km return, respectively). Other easy hikes include the Christie Viewpoint Trail (1.4km) and the Fundy Ridge Trail (5km).

For something longer and harder, try McGahey Brook Canyon (9km), Mill Brook Canyon (12km), Refugee Cove (24km) and the Eatonville Trail (28km). All backcountry hikes should be cleared ahead with park staff. Most trails are open from mid-May to late October or early November.

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