This picturesque tidal island was once used as a retreat by William Cornelius Van Horne, builder of the Canadian Pacific Railway and one of Canada's wealthiest men. As well as touring the island on foot along 20km of marked trails, you can visit Covenhoven, his splendid 50-room Edwardian cottage, plus the towerlike stone bathhouse, tidal swimming pool and stunning, château-like barn (the largest freestanding wooden structure in Canada).

Important: the island can only be visited at low tide, when you can drive (or walk, or bike) on the hard-packed sea floor. At high tide, it's 3m under water but staff will kick you off in plenty of time. To get to Ministers Island from downtown St Andrews, follow Rte 127 northeast for about 1km and then turn right on Bar Rd. If you walk over, take Cedar Lane just past the toll booth, which was planted in the 1800s as a dust-free path to Covenhaven.