Roosevelt Campobello International Park

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Southernmost Campobello Island is home to this 1133-hectare park. Its star attraction is Roosevelt Cottage, the 34-room lodge where Franklin D Roosevelt came with his family between 1905 and 1921 and visited periodically throughout his US presidency (1933–45). The surprisingly rustic structure is furnished with original Roosevelt furniture and artifacts; well-versed tour guides give insight into the Roosevelts' personal lives. Adjacent Hubbard House, built in 1891 and home to an insurance broker and concert pianist, is far more glamorous.

Various activities are run from the cottage's interpretive center, including Tea with Eleanor (non-reservation 11am, free; reservations 3pm, $14), croquet on the lawn and guided hikes.

The park is just 2.5km from the Lubec bridge, and from the Roosevelt mansion's front porch you can look directly across to Eastport, ME. The park is administrated and funded by both Canada and the US.

Unlike the manicured museum area, most of the international park has been left in its natural state. A couple of gravel roads meander through it, leading to beaches and 7.5km of nature trails. It's a surprisingly wild, little-visited part of Campobello Island. Deer, moose and coyotes call it home, and seals can sometimes be seen offshore on the ledges near Lower Duck Pond, 6km from the visitor center. Look for eagles, ospreys and loons. Pick up detailed maps from the visitor center.

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