Montreal: People walking on Saint Denis street in Montreal's Plateau Mont Royal in Quebec region
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Rue St-Denis

Top choice in Montréal

The backbone of Montréal’s francophone shopping district, Rue St-Denis is lined with hat and garment shops, uberhip record stores and terrace cafes designed to keep people from getting any work done. Summer crowds flock to the inviting bistros and bars on both sides of the street.

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2. Carré St-Louis

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This lovely green square with a three-tiered fountain is flanked by beautiful rows of Second Empire homes. In the 19th century a reservoir here was filled…

3. Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes

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Now hidden among the university buildings, this Romanesque gem was built by the Sulpicians in 1876 to cement their influence in Montréal. The chapel was…

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Sun, snow and lack of sobriety are no barrier at this free open-air art gallery smack in the middle of the Village's bar street. The often-abstract works…

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