Opened in 2013, these futuristic metallic buildings bring a bit of the cosmos to Montréal, courtesy of two high-tech domed theaters and interactive exhibits on outer space. The round theaters have slightly different layouts and agendas: the Milky Way Theatre is more traditional, with comfy seats and films that give an eye-opening glimpse of what lies beyond earth, while the Chaos theater has beanbags and Adirondack chairs and takes a more philosophical look at the universe.

You can also wander through the permanent exhibition, which has meteorites and fascinating displays that explore the search for life in the universe. Admission includes tickets to two separate shows as well as the permanent exhibition. Allow at least 90 minutes to experience it all. Check the schedule before setting out. Only a handful of shows are in English (there are always English shows at 2:30pm and 3pm, and two to four other screenings on Thursday through Sunday). On Thursdays after 5pm, film tickets are reduced to $8.

The planetarium is next door to the Biodôme, meaning you can explore the wonders on planet earth (or at least planet Canada) before delving into outer space.