Olympic Stadium

Stadium in Plateau Mont-Royal & the Northeast

The Stade Olympique seats 56,000 and remains an architectural marvel, though these days it hosts mostly concerts and trade shows and only rarely hosts sports events. The main attraction is the short (three-minute) ride on the bilevel cable car, which goes up the Montréal Tower (Tour de Montréal, also called the Olympic Tower) that lords over the stadium. It’s the world’s tallest inclined structure (165m at a 45-degree angle). Still, many don't find the overall experience worth the price.

The glassed-in observation deck (with bar and rest area) isn’t for the faint of heart but it does afford a bird’s-eye view of the city. In the distance you’ll see the pointy modern towers of the Olympic Village, where athletes stayed in 1976.

The Centre Aquatique is the Olympic swimming complex, with six pools, diving towers and a 20m-deep scuba pool.

The Tourist Hall is a three-story information center with a ticket office, restaurant and souvenir shop, as well as the cable-car boarding station.