Futures Factory

Phnom Penh

Helmed by the ever-popular Friends restaurant, this new community space aims to become the cultural heart of central Phnom Penh with a regular lineup of live music, family activities and gallery exhibitions, plus a market with indie shops, a bar and plenty of pallet furniture to lounge around in.

Youth welfare organisation ChildSafe runs tours from here that raise awareness about child protection and responsible travel though entertaining and interactive activities, including crafting, treasure hunts, cooking classes, tuk tuk races and more.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Phnom Penh attractions

1. National Museum of Cambodia


The National Museum of Cambodia is home to the world’s finest collection of Khmer sculpture: a millennium’s worth and more of masterful Khmer design…

2. Wat Ounalom


This wat is the headquarters of Cambodian Buddhism. It was founded in 1443 and comprises 44 structures. The wat received a battering during the Pol Pot…

3. King's Residence

0.21 MILES

The official residence of King Sihamoni and his family is not open to the general public.

4. Chan Chaya Pavilion

0.21 MILES

Performances of classical Cambodian dance were once staged in this pavilion, which is sometimes lit up at night to commemorate festivals or anniversaries.

5. Building with Elephant Dock

0.22 MILES

This small structure was used by the king and other royal family members to mount and dismount the royal elephants for ceremonies.

6. Throne Hall

0.25 MILES

The main attraction in the palace compound is the Throne Hall. Topped by a 59m-high tower inspired by the Bayon at Angkor, it was inaugurated in 1919 by…

7. Royal Palace

0.26 MILES

With its classic Khmer roofs and ornate gilding, the Royal Palace once dominated the skyline of Phnom Penh. It's a striking structure near the riverfront,…

8. Royal Treasury

0.28 MILES

This small building holds a small exhibition of royal costumes and regalia.