Samovodska Charshiya

Veliko Târnovo

During its 19th-century heyday, this lane hosted dozens of vendors from local villages, who carefully laid fruit and vegetables, butter and cheeses onto small carpets on the cobbled ground. Inns, blacksmiths and craft shops helped Samovodska Charshiya grow into Veliko Târnovo's biggest market square in the 1880s. Today it retains the nostalgic feel, with handicrafts, traditional sweets and leatherware on offer from numerous boutiques.

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Nearby Veliko Târnovo attractions

1. Asenevtsi Monument

0.12 MILES

In the shape of a sky-piercing sword and dominating Veliko Târnovo's river views, this 1985 monument celebrates medieval Bulgarian might. The horsemen…

2. Ulitsa General Gurko

0.15 MILES

The oldest street in Veliko Târnovo, ul Gurko is a must-stroll with arresting views towards the Yantra River and Asen Monument. Its charmingly crumbling…

3. State Art Museum

0.15 MILES

Named for an early 20th-century Veliko Târnovo artist, this gallery is housed in a grand neoclassical building near the Asen Monument, in a tight bend of…

4. Sarafkina Kâshta

0.17 MILES

Built for a wealthy banker in 1861, this National Revival–style house-museum spans five storeys. Within, 19th-century earrings, bracelets and other…

5. Church of Sveti Nikolai

0.21 MILES

Up in Varosha, the Church of Sveti Nikolai was built in 1879, and time hasn't been kind to the weather-beaten church. Opening times are irregular.

6. Multimedia Visitors Centre

0.25 MILES

Eerily lifelike wax figures of medieval characters are the main attraction of this museum en route to Tsarevets Fortress. Between waxy visages of peasants…

7. Veliko Târnovo Archaeological Museum

0.27 MILES

Housed in a grand old building with a courtyard full of Roman sculptures, the museum contains Roman artefacts and medieval Bulgarian exhibits, including a…

8. Church of Sveta Bogoroditsa

0.29 MILES

Faded frescoes are the principal draw at the Church of Sveta Bogoroditsa, the town’s main cathedral. Located just off ul Ivan Vazov, the church’s large…