British Virgin Islands, Tortola Island, Sage Mountain National Park, epiphytes and tropical vegetation

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Sage Mountain National Park

Top choice in Tortola

At 1716ft, Sage Mountain rises higher than any other peak in the Virgin Islands. Seven trails crisscross the surrounding 92-acre park, including the main path that leaves from the parking lot and moseys up through the greenery to a picnic spot. From there, you can head onward on the central trail and return on the north trail for a good loop (be prepared for mud). There's a US$3 entrance fee, but nobody's been around to collect it for years.

The park is humid and damp, populated by bo-peep frogs and lizards. The 20ft fern trees and other flora look as though they're straight out of the age of the dinosaurs. Allow two hours for your rambles. Or say to heck with hiking, and simply make your way to the viewing platforms off the parking lot for vistas of the USVI and BVI.

Jim Cullimore, owner of Mountain View gift shop and restaurant (open 9am to 3pm) at the trailhead, is a fount of park knowledge. He'll set you up with a map and tips on how to navigate the trails if you purchase something.

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