Flamingo Pond

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The large salt pond at the island's west end hosts a flock of greater flamingos. They were plentiful on Anegada and other cays in the BVI until hunters seeking their tender meat and feathers decimated the population. Since being reintroduced in 1992 they’ve made a comeback. You can’t get close, but you can often see the birds wading on the north side of the pond through the spotting scope at Flamingo Pond Lookout, or in the pond near Neptune’s Treasure hotel.

The BVI National Parks Trust has designated Flamingo Pond and its surrounding wetlands a bird sanctuary, and you can see herons, warblers and ospreys nesting and feeding in the area, too. The flamingo flock has grown to some 250 birds and lives in other hard-to-reach ponds around the island as well as here.

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