Necker Island

Virgin Gorda

Private Necker Island belongs to Richard Branson, famous adventurer and founder of the Virgin Atlantic airline and Virgin Records. About 1 mile north of Virgin Gorda, Necker is one of the world’s most luxurious retreats. If you have US$30,000 you can rent a room for the week in low season (Branson's presence is not included, though your own DJ is).

Sea It Clear Tours, departing from the Gun Creek dock, offers a less costly way to set foot on the island.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Virgin Gorda attractions

1. Gorda Peak National Park

4.17 MILES

At 1359ft, Gorda Peak is the island’s highest point. Two well-marked trails lead to the summit off North Sound Rd, and make a sweet hike. If you're coming…

2. Savannah Bay

5.98 MILES

A short distance north of the Valley, Savannah Bay features more than a mile of white sand. Except for the beaches of Anegada, no other shore provides…

3. The Dogs

7.28 MILES

This clutch of five little islands lies 2.5 miles off the northwestern coast of Virgin Gorda. Partly protected by the BVI National Parks Trust, the Dogs…

4. Copper Mine National Park

7.81 MILES

You’ll drive down a winding, boulder-avoiding road to reach this forlorn bluff at Virgin Gorda’s southeastern tip, but it’s worth it to see the impressive…

5. Spring Bay

8.58 MILES

An excellent beach with national-park designation, Spring Bay abuts the Baths to the north. The beauty here is having a Baths-like setting but without the…

6. The Baths

8.74 MILES

This collection of sky-high boulders marks a national park and the BVI’s most popular attraction. The rocks – volcanic-lava leftovers from some 70 million…

7. Conch Shell Mounds

12.31 MILES

You'll find thousands of conch shells on island-like mounds off the East End of Anegada. These human-made features are testament to the island's…

8. Aragorn’s Studio

12.9 MILES

Local metal sculptor Aragorn Dick-Read started his studio under the sea-grape trees fronting Trellis Bay, the broad beach just east of the airport. It…